Grimes – Genesis Video

6 Oct 2012

Claire Boucher is a Canadian artist who makes lo-fi electronic music in a truly spectacular fashion.

Grimes (Claire Boucher) is a Canadian artist, whose recent album Visions, which was released on UK label 4AD, has reached much critical acclaim. It’s one of those albums that’s so good, you’ll play it every day for a month. Until finally, exhausted, you can’t listen to it anymore. That is until you see a music video for one of the best tracks (Genesis) and you’re thrown straight back into listening to the album on repeat.

To try and describe the type of music that Grimes makes, would be to throw around the names of genres and sub genres like Grave Wave. But, in the simplest form she makes lo-fi electronic music, which her voice dominates in a truly spectacular fashion. In terms of similar artists, some of the tracks on Visions remind me of Fever Ray, who is definitely also worth checking out.

This is the live in studio video for Genesis, the second track on her most recent album Visions.