Posters: From The Wizard of Oz to Mary Poppins

29 Sep 2012

Minimalist posters on complex stories or ideas presented in the form of clean graphic elements.

The lovers of children’s books, especially classic ones with timeless wisdom for both grown-ups and children, will be infinitely delighted by these hyper-minimalist takes on beloved children’s fairy tale classics by designer Christian Jackson. His minimalist posters on complex stories or ideas presented in the form of clean graphic elements are visual hyper-distillation of iconic storytellings.

Christian Jackson is an interactive graphic designer from Chicago who balances his digital life with rich,analog media. He lives by the motto that one should only fill his life with things that are beautiful and useful. Since he is a designer with the heart of the artist his works tend to serve both.


02 Jul 2013

Moby – Innocents

Moby releases a new studio album in collaboration with several guest performers and vocalists.

23 Apr 2013

Switcheroo by Hana Pesut

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11 Apr 2013

M83 – Wait

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