Apple: Designing iPhones and iClothes?

27 Sep 2012

Believe it or not but back in 1986 Apple`s designers took their chance to create a clothing line.

Believe it or not, but back in 1986, before Steve Jobs adopted his favourite jeans + t-shirt ensemble, Apple`s designers decided to create a clothing line. The collection primarily consisted of leisure wear in the kind of styles and colour schemes that could only have come from the ’80s.

It all looks pretty awful today, but anyone who lived through that particular decade, will remember having similar outfits in their wardrobe, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. One thing’s for sure though, Apple’s attempt at clothing couldn’t be further removed from the sleek, minimalist industrial design spearheaded by Jony Ive and his team.

All that said, the original rainbow-style Apple logo still looks good today!

iClothes 86


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