Alt-J “Tessellate” Music Video

20 Sep 2012

Alt-J is a british alternative indie pop quartet, currently enjoying chart success with their debut album.

Alt-J is a very impressive british alternative quartet, formed in 2007. They are currently enjoying chart success in Europe with their debut album An Awesome Wave. Alt-J are one of the favourites to win the Mercury music prize in 2012.

Alt-J have taken on Italian Renaissance painter Raphael’s The School of Athens in their new video for ‘Tessellate’. The video finds a gaggle of gangsters standing around in a museum, showing off in a flatly artificial mural. The video was directed by Alex Southam.

Although video and music are pretty contradictory to one another, somehow it all blends together in very calm manner.

How many faces of your friends did you manage to recognise in this video?