Ostwald Helgason’s breakthrough

19 Sep 2012

To recapture spirit of great artists, designers use Picasso-style prints along with Matisse inspired patterns.

For any young fashionista, bored with the gloss of big fashion names, Ostwald Helgason‘s new collection, presented at NYFW, is a glimpse of fresh air and something evoking that ‘I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now’ stimulus.

Ostwald Helgason success is another story of out-of-nowhere breakout, proving that alternative ways  sometimes work really well if you take the plunge.

The fashion duo Suzanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason have been toiling away on collections, working on solid stockings in London with no obvious result. Then they finally decide to put all the eggs in the basket and show at NYFW with their autumn-winter 12′ collection. Suddenly the collection is huge success, desired and snapped by streetstyle biggies.

The collection is inspired by a 1967 Vogue article on the art philanthropist Frances Lasker Brody, who collected works by Matisse and Picasso. To recapture spirit of great artists, Suzanne and Ingvar use bright hues Picasso-style prints of lions, cheetahs and crocodiles along with Matisse leaf patterns.

Ostwald Helgason 2013

Ostwald Helgason 2013

Ostwald Helgason 2013

Ostwald Helgason 2013

02 Jul 2013

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